Wagamama Gatwick North Terminal

Employer Details:

Gatwick Airport North Terminal IDL

Type of work:
An existing retail shell which was converted into a flagship store for Wagamama. Works included the installation of all services (mechanical, electrical, sprinklers etc.. and their co-ordination. Finishes included ceramic and resin floors, polished plaster, timber & metal clad wall finishes. Taking an initial design concept and working closely with the Design team to achieve what became a very interesting mix of industrial and natural finishes. Special features included a bespoke metal screen / wave which was taken from imagery, concept sketches through prototyping to the final solution to create interest to a quite open space. Working within a very challenging environment in terms of constraints with security in one of the busiest airports in the UK.

Original contract period:
14 weeks

Commencement date:
31 March 2015

Original completion date:
24 June 2015

Achieved PC:
06 July 2015




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